ONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa 2016

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ONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa 2016
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'ONE PIECE RUN', which was held in Taiwan in May 2015, will be landing in Japan for the first time!Many spots where you can take photos and experience the world of 'ONE PIECE' will be preparedin 5.5km of running course!In this event, everyone such as friends and family can feel free to enjoy. Attendees can get a special gift too!Moreover, after you finished running, ONE PIECE AFTER PARTY will be held with special guests.Let's  get lively with your companions who you will be running together by joining a powerful live!

The scenes of 'ONE PIECE RUN', which was held in Taiwan in May 2015


Couse Guide

Couse Guide

Event Information

ONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa 2016 2016 3.20(SUN)


Event Information


ONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa 2016

Event Date

March 20, 2016 (Sun) ※ rain or shine


Okinawa Chatan-Cho ONE PIECE RUN Special Venue


2 Mihama, Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Start at Chatan Athletic Stadium!

Access to the venue

【By a rental car】
 Go up north from Naha airport by Route 58. It takes about 40 minutes.
 Go to Prefectural route 23, Chatan area from Okinawa Expressway 'Okinawa South Interchange' for about 10 minutes.

【By a fixed route bus】
 Take No.120 from Naha airport to 'Gunbyoin-mae'. Then, 7-minute walk.
 It takes around 60 minutes.

 Take No.20, No.28, No.29, No.120 from Naha bus terminal to ‘Gunbyoin-mae’. Then, 7-minute walk. It takes around 45 minutes.

【By an airport shuttle bus】
 Take an airport shuttle bus from Naha airport to ‘The beach tower Okinawa’.
 Then, 1-minute walk. It takes around 60 minutes.
 Inquiry for an airport shuttle bus: 098-869-3301

 ※Shuttle bus will be running from a temporary parking lot.

Venue of registration

Chatan Park Athletic Stadium

Number of positions

10,000 people

Running distance

Approximately 5.5 km
Chatan Athletic Stadium~American Village~Fisharina~Sunset Beach~Araha Beach~Chatan Athletic Stadium
※It is not planned to measure the time, announce the ranking and the commendation.
 Since it is not a completion, please find your way to enjoy by moving around the attractions and the photo spots at your own pace.


Start of registration: It is planned to start from 8.30am.
※Please finish your registration before the time you entried.
※Anyone can register from 8.30am.

Schedule (TBD)

Start adopts the wave start scheme divided into more than once in the time difference between the start time.

①10:00 1st Wave Start
②11:00 2nd Wave Start
③12:00 3rd Wave Start
④14:30 4th Wave Start
⑤15:30 5th Wave Start

Special artists will be appeared at "After Party".
1st: 14:00 to 15:00 (planned)
2nd: 17:30 to 18:30 (scheduled end) ※ We will close the venue to 19:30.
※ after-party of the schedule are subject to change without notice.
Update information, please visit the ONE PIECE RUN Official Homepage
※ join in midway or walkout midway, it is possible, but please have not forget the wristband you will be given at the time of accepting the day

Participation fee (tax included)

Adults (junior high school students or older) ¥ 5,800/Children (elementary school) ¥ 4,800
・Junior high school students or youger children must be accompanied by a guardian.
Elementary school students or yonger for free of charge.
Please bring what you always can check the age, such as insurance card.
※It will be charged a child fee if there is nothing that can be confirmed
※ per guardian one person, it becomes up to preschooler two people, parents are required ticket

Eligibility for participation

Anyone can join us.
※Junior high school students or youger children must be accompanied by a guardian.

Eat and drink

There will be food and drink stands, please use it.Bringing food and drink is basically OK, but it is banned to bring alcohol. Concerning drinking alcohol, please note the instructions listed below.


In this event, we do age-verification with formal documents when you buy alcohol. Please bring your ID with face photo such as driver’s license or passport etc., if you are over 20 years age and going to buy alcohol.Even though you are over 20 years age, if you don’t have any formal documents to show your identity, we cannot offer alcohol.
※Formal documents must contain your ID photo.

Alcohol will be sold at the below time.
14:00~18:30 (Planned)
※From 1st after party’s start (14:00) to 2nd after party’s end (18:30).
The schedule is subject to change depending on the starting time of party.
※It is banned to drink alcohol before your running. We will confirm your starting time when you buy alcohol.
Even though you are over 20 years age, if you don’t have any formal documents to show your identity, we cannot offer alcohol.
※Formal documents must contain your ID photo.

Concerning the insurance, every attendee will enroll in the insurance that the organizer will prepare.
※The cost is included in the participation fee.
You cannot return and cancel ticket after purchase. It is also banned to do any commercial activities such as reselling ticket.
Everyone who joins this event needs to wear the list band that will be provided as a participation award on the day of the event.
In any case, we do not reissue the list band.

Prize for participation

Original T-shirt / wristband / guide map
※ T-shirt size: You can choose from 5 sizes of XS - XL
※wristband We have divided the color for each wave
1st Wave (RED), 2nd Wave (GREEN), 3rd Wave (YELLOW),
4th wave (SKYBLUE),5th wave (PINK)

・After the registration period that you can choose size of T-shirt ends at January 31st, 2016, every T-shirt will be size L.
 ※For children: size XS
・We do not change size of T-shirt. You can get the size that is printed in your participant ticket only.
 Also, if you do not have a participant ticket, you cannot exchange for T-shirt.
 Please note that we cannot reissue a participant ticket in any case.

【Early entry benefits】
Shop Plastic Bag
※ November 2 (Mon) - December 31 until (Thursday)

Finish Award

Finish Certificate / pin badge


Avex Pictures

Operation and special cooperation

Okinawa Sports Factory


Chatan-cho, Chatan-cho sightseeing association


ONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa 2016 Secretariat
10:00~17:00 (Monday to Friday) ※Except public holidays




Hiroshi Kitadani

He was born in August 24th 1968 and from Yamaguchi-prefecture. In 1999, he got an immense popularity from fans of anime-song, since the theme song of the TV cartoon 'ONE PIECE', 'We are!' had a big success. After that, he has continued to sing several theme songs of animations and live action films. As he is a member of 'JAM Project' (Anime-song singer's unit), he made a success of the world tour and has been active in various areas including overseas. In 2011, he sang the theme song of the TV cartoon 'ONE PIECE','We go!'. In addition, he has been active as a writer in recent years.


D-51 is a vocal duo consisting two men, Yasu and Yu. In 2004, they made major debut with the single 'TOP OF THE SUMMER' from Pony Canyon label. They made a big hit with their 3rd single 'NO MORE CRY', which was the theme song of TV drama 'Gokusen'. In October 2012, they released 'Meguriai', which was the first single after they moved to Tokuma Japan Communications label. In April 2015, they released a special collaboration album, 'Sing a Song? Present for…' in commemoration of 10th anniversary for their debut. Various and splendid artists provided their songs to this special album. In addition, they have held concerts in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shantou, Guangzhou and Changzhou) every year since 2012. These concerts achieved great success. Moreover, in November 18th 2015, anime-song cover mini album 'Animemo' will be released. Releasing anime-song cover album is their first attempt this time.


Born on May 11th in Fukui prefecture.
She made her debut with the song "memories" which was used as the ending theme for anime series "ONE PIECE" Her successive release "RUN!RUN!RUN!" also became a smash hit. She has released a total of 6 singles and 3 albums as a solo artist. After working with several projects, she has gone back to being a solo singer. In 2013, she has released songs which she wrote the music and lyrics for. She self-released her 15th anniversary EP "M.O." in December 2014. In February 2015 she held her first one-man live show. She is a talented singer which combines rich emotions with her one-of-a-kind voice.


Mayumi Tanaka/Luffy

Kappei Yamaguchi/Usopp

and more...


Sponsorship:Avex Pictures Operation and special cooperation
:Okinawa Sports Factory
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation