ONE PIECE RUN in沖縄2017




Along with running a course of about 5.5 kilometers while enjoying the world view of ONE PIECE, experience the fully loaded immersive projects, too!Of course, after getting past the goal, a 'ONE PIECE' after party by luxury guests is held as well! After running together, enjoy the live performances together with your fellow One Piece fans!!

Running×Sweets <Sweets Station> Last year everybody loved the rest spots with 'Usopp Life Water', this time you can have fun with sweets! Run through it energetically until the end while your tired body is re-energized with sweet eats!!

Water attraction <Battle! Naval Base> Experience water attraction with the image of the battle of the navy frontline base. The detour route for civilians to take without getting wet. Pirates are to get ready to get soaked and fight against the navy with a water gun!

Soap bubbles attraction <Nami's bubbles Island!> A bubble attraction that brings to mind Nami's killing technique 'Milky road' with soap that comes from her Clima tact. You can run through the middle of falling soap bubbles! .What's more you can have fun playing with soap bubbles with a soap stick!!

Gigantic Object of Sunny <The Thousand Sunny> The familiar gigantic object from the last year's ONE PIECE RUN will appear this year as well! Under the guard of the company, the Thousand Sunny which takes over the will of the great ship, let's go through the second half of the road!

※picture is a depiction.

While jogging, enjoy the world view of 'ONE PIECE'with your friends and family together!!